Residential Interior & Exterior Painting

We are ready to tackle your home painting needs.

When it comes to painting your home, you want the best painter at the best price. No matter what we are painting- cabinet painting, decks or walls we can tackle the job! Raleigh Paint & Improvement will assess your project, give you a guaranteed price quote and then assign experienced, professional painters who will have your home looking its absolute best in no time.

And we do pressure washing as well!

Professional Painting Services

When you call Raleigh Paint & Improvement, we will find out what you need and develop a scope of work and schedule that fits your needs. 

If you’ve gotten sticker shock from other painting companies, give us a call. Our professional painters will collaborate with you to create a project that you can afford. And with our price-quote guarantee, you won’t get a surprise bill as we walk out the door.

We are meticulous

Every person who enters your home is an employee of Raleigh Paint & Improvement — no temporary workers or day laborers — and is fully bonded and insured.

The crew will carefully prepare the area to be painted, including covering all furniture; take care of any small drywall problems or nail holes; prime surfaces as needed; meticulously apply the highest-quality paint; and carefully clean up after themselves — no drips or dust left behind!

Interior & Exterior Painting

Painting your home can be stressful, time-consuming and even dangerous if you try to tackle it yourself. Our expert team makes the process as smooth and easy as possible, every step of the way.

If you want a beautiful new look but are overwhelmed by thousands of color choices, our interior design consultants are standing by to help you create the perfect living space for your family.

From the estimate, to the prep work, to the post-job clean-up, we promise that your home is in the hands of the best house painter in Raleigh.


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